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WE’LL GET straight to the point: Apple Gadgets are great, but cost a crap-ton of money. If you can afford it, opt for buying the latest Apple Watch Ultra, iPhone 14 Plus, and Macbook (seriously, our tech team gave them top marks), but if you can’t, Amazon has some great deals on older (but still great!) Apple Products.

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Said sales: the 2nd Gen AirPods, one of our favorite wireless earbuds, and has hands-free calling, a 30-hour battery life, and an impressive noise cancellation and transparency mode. “The Adaptive Transparency Mode is unreal,” says our tech editor John Thompson in his Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen Review. I found it most useful when commuting or walking around my neighborhood. This is because earbuds will automatically dampen any loud or harsh noises, so ambulance sirens and loud music coming from cars or retail shops gets brought down to a level that your ears (and brain) will gladly appreciate.”

For an more immersive transparency and noise cancellation mode, we recommend the AirPods Max, one of our favorite over-heard headphones. “They have a top-of-the-line sound that features Apple’s iconic spatial audio plus noise cancellation and transparency mode,” says Thompson in his review. “We’re also talking adaptive EQ and up to 20 hours of charge with noise cancellation or transparency mode turned on.”

If you’re in the market for a personal laptop (or a great high school graduation gift), we recommend the 2022 Macbook Air Laptop, which has a more-than-capable M2 chip and the brand’s sleek-as-hell design. For a beautiful tablet to stream shows or catch up on reading, the 5th Gen iPad Air gets the job done (trust: It’s been my go-to tablet to keep me entertained on economy-class, cross-country flights).

Amazon has been churning out more Apple deals these days, but they sell out fast, so make sure to grab these sales while you can. Watch this space, where we’ll be replenishing the best Amazon Apple deals throughout the month.

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