A Simple Binary Coded Decimal Watch

Analog and Lcd watches are the two valuable patterns, but eventually are mainstream timepieces. Applying a binary observe is an quick way to set one’s self aside as a tech fanatic, though impressing your hacker good friends to boot.

One particular such construct comes to us from [vishalsoniindia], and it makes use of a single bare PCB which is designed to mate immediately to a classic look at strap. The solitary tactile button on board is applied to activate the view, showing the present-day time in hours and minutes in binary-coded decimal on the watch’s LEDs. Long-urgent the button puts the enjoy in environment manner to appropriate the time as essential.

The look at relies on an ATtiny85 microcontroller, a lightweight and compact structure which is far more than strong more than enough to run a easy view. It is paired with a 74HC595 shift sign up to run all the LEDs from a bare minimum selection of pins, and there’s also a TP4056 charging circuit on board to preserve the lithium-polymer battery topped off.

A undertaking like this is a terrific way to find out all manner of fundamental electronics techniques, from PCB style and design, to SMD soldering and even operating with basic logic elements like shift registers. As a bonus, you get a cool enjoy out of it to boot.

We have seen some very similar patterns in excess of the many years, as diversified as the hackers that create them. Movie just after the crack.


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