65 Best Star Wars Gifts for 2022: All the Top Gifts for the Fan in Your Life

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A series as iconic as Star Wars deserves merchandise to match. We’re all just clicks away from new Star Wars goodness, from the latest High Republic book and the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. It’s a great time to be a fan of that galaxy far, far away, but it can also be a challenging one if you’re trying to find a holiday gift and don’t know your Jabbas from your Jar-Jars. Don’t worry if that’s you. Here are the best Star Wars gifts you can get for that special Jedi or bounty hunter in your life.

If you’re looking for cool Star Wars gifts and collectibles for Clone Wars-obsessed kids or the Original Trilogy purist in your life, there’s something for every price range — from fancy replica lightsaber chopsticks to fun board games, snuggly plushies and novels. These are the best Star Wars gifts and memorabilia for yourself and your loved ones, and you don’t even have to travel to the Galactic Empire’s Outer Rim or battle a Stormtrooper army to find them.

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Ever wondered what it smelled like on the forest moon of Endor? Thanks to the scent experts at Homesick candles, now you can find out. To celebrate May the Fourth, Homesick has introduced a new line of candles inspired by some of Star Wars’ most iconic locations. The Endor candle features lush notes of pine and wild fern, while the smoky Death Star candle has notes of tobacco, leather and black myrrh. There’s also a Grogu car freshener that you can take with you on your adventures. And each candle has a double-sided label that reveals unique artwork as it burns down. 


You might not get to live your dream of piloting an X-wing, but these Orbitkey key organizers can make you feel like you’re jumping in a cockpit every time you get in the driver’s seat. A practical way to show your love for the franchise, these durable keychains will keep your keys neatly aligned in your pocket or purse. They’re available in four different styles, including a camo nylon band styled after the fearsome Boba Fett and a tan and green suede one inspired by Grogu. 

Sobel Westex

It’s frustrating to walk into a store and see Star Wars bed sheets and blankets that are only for kids. Adult nerds like fun bedding too, which is why Sobel Westex has launched the Star Wars Home collection. Whether you’re into the lovely blue Astromech theme above or you’d prefer something more Tattoine themed, this collection has what you need if your goal is to introduce some subtle nerd chic to your bedroom. 

Russell Holly/CNET

In celebration of the launch of the new Book of Boba Fett series, you can get two tea flavors from The Republic of Tea themed after the two main characters. Boba Fett tea is a great green tea with chai spices added in for depth, while Fennec Shand’s tea is a more mild black tea with sweeter flavors added. Both of them taste great, and you can either buy them separately or in a gift set with collector’s tins. 


Knights of the Old Republic is getting a remake on PS5 and PC, but it’ll be a few years before that’s out. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, the 2003 original has been remastered for Nintendo Switch. The gameplay involves the Jedi master leading a group of freedom fighters across the galaxy and training them.

The remaster was handled by Aspyr, the developer behind the remake. It’s previously brought Star Wars classics like Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, Episode 1 Racer and Republic Commando to Switch and other modern consoles.

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The only thing better than having a Grogu figure in your house is having one that can move and talk and play. The Galactic Snackin’ Grogu comes with a bunch of toys it can interact with, including an alien macaron and a bowl of soup to slurp on. And if it’s not interested in playing with its own toys, it will reach up and ask to be carried. These Star Wars toys are a cute addition to any collection and a great way to surprise guests.

More interactive Star Wars figures:

Russell Holly

This Boba Fett-themed Columbia Sportswear 3-in-1 interchange jacket is designed to be water-resistant and keep you warm even if you find yourself stranded on Hoth. Should you find yourself in warmer climates you can remove the thermal lining and enjoy a nice jacket with a ton of pockets. Every inch of this jacket is Boba Fett themed, making it one of the best buys this season for anyone who wants to show off their nerdy side when it’s cold out.


The same team responsible for the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook is back with holiday treats you can make at home. Using the guise of the Wookiee holiday celebration called Life Day, all the recipes in this book will feel right at home on an autumnal table here on Earth. The recipes are not challenging, but they are a lot of fun and incredibly delicious. You’ll also find vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes as well as tips for how to adjust other recipes to suit these dietary needs. It’s a great gift for any Star Wars fan who loves being in the kitchen.

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Sean Keane/CNET

If you want a reminder of Hoth’s dangers on your living room floor, a wampa rug might do the trick. No actual wampas were harmed to make it, because they don’t exist.

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We know R2-D2 has spent most of its existence taking care of Anakin and Luke, but who takes care of R2? You are, if you’re holding this new Tamagotchi. Keep it on your keychain and help everyone’s favorite droid out with whatever it needs — and enjoy the happy beeps in response. 

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Just to be clear, not all Lego Star Wars sets cost north of $100. You can get plenty of more affordable Star Wars toy sets, like the Clone Wars-inspired Duel on Mandalore for $20. These include Star Wars Lego minifigures — Ahsoka Tano with two lightsabers and Darth Maul with a double-bladed lightsaber — for action-packed duels.

More great deals on Star Wars Lego collection:

Sean Keane/CNET

On the opposite end of the price scale, Sideshow’s 16.5-inch figure is an incredible recreation of The Child if you’re looking for the ultimate Mandalorian collectible. At $375, it’s only for those looking to splash out for the Star Wars fan in their life. 

More Star Wars collectibles and replicas:


Star Wars characters have been immortalized as posable action figures since 1977, and Hasbro’s Black Series 6-inch line has never been better. Some of the coolest Star Wars gift options include the $21 Elite Squad Trooper from The Bad Batch and the $22 Dark Rey from The Rise of Skywalker.

More Hasbro Star Wars figures:


There are some amazing new books in the Star Wars universe, all published over the last two years. As the name suggests, this series takes place way before the Empire or the Skywalker family and shows what the galaxy was like when Jedi were many. This series of books tells a lot of stories all at once, and can be enjoyed at any age. There are audioplays exclusive to Audible, graphic novels for every audience and a collection of great novels to choose from. If you have a Star Wars fan in your life, any book from this series would be a real treat. 

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There are a lot of different ways to get a lightsaber that feels real and is fun to swing around, but one of the best starter blades by a mile is made by the team at Ultrasabers. You can build something as inexpensive as $60 and as expensive as $300 before you add anything on, including a lot of personalization over sounds coming from the hilt and color of the blade. 

If you want to have a genuinely fun lightsaber without breaking the bank or living near Savi’s Workshop on Batuu, you want something from Ultrasabers. 

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Remember that card game Han and Lando are playing in Solo: A Star Wars Story? It’s called Sabacc, and it’s a game you can buy and play at home. The card game is simple, fun, and hugely popular among Star Wars fans. In fact, if you ever go to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge inside Disney’s theme parks you’re likely to see a few people sitting and playing at any point in the day. If you aren’t sure what to get the Star Wars fan in your life, start here. 

More Star Wars games:

Fantasy Flight Games

If you’re looking for a tabletop trip into the Star Wars galaxy for one to five players, this game lets you play as a hero of the Rebel Alliance or command squads of Imperial troops and AT-STs in the campaign game and the skirmish game. This game puts you in the midst of the Galactic Civil War after the destruction of the Death Star. This cool Star Wars gift even comes with little sculpted figures from both sides.

A game takes an hour or two, making it a fun way to spend an evening.

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More Star Wars strategy and roleplaying games:

Sideshow Collectibles

The Imperial murderbot that almost ended Mando’s journey in the season 2 finale is getting the Hot Toys treatment. These sixth-scale figures are always magnificently sculpted masterpieces, even if they are pricey. The $260 Dark Trooper won’t ship until later in September, but it’s available to preorder now.

If you’re looking for something sooner, the $315 Mandalorian and the Child (aka Grogu) deluxe set is now ready to ship.

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