5 Tips to Modernize Your Healthcare Marketing

By Michelle Voznyuk, Marketing Specialist at Heinz Marketing

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and medicines being developed every day. As a result, healthcare marketers must be agile and adapt quickly to keep up with the changes. In this post, we’ll explore the importance of modernizing healthcare marketing and five techniques organizations can use to stay ahead of the game and generate predictable results.

Why Modernize Healthcare Marketing?

In today’s world, patients have access to more information and resources than ever before. They are more empowered to make decisions about their health and expect their healthcare providers to be just as knowledgeable and up-to-date. This means healthcare marketers must remain savvy and adjust their marketing strategies to reach and engage with patients effectively.

In addition, the pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation in the healthcare industry. With the rise of remote work and general consciousness about health, marketers must find innovative ways to connect with patients and offer them high-quality care anywhere, anytime.

Tips to Modernize Your Marketing

1. Invest in telehealth and other digital healthcare services

Telehealth and other digital healthcare services have become more popular as a result of the pandemic. By investing in virtual offerings, organizations broaden their audience and can better serve the needs of their patients. Healthcare marketers should explore opportunities to promote these digital services and educate patients on their benefits. This can be done through targeted campaigns and personalized outreach.

2. Embrace digital marketing

The rise of digital marketing has transformed the healthcare industry. Healthcare marketers should use digital efforts to reach their target audience and engage with them through various channels such as social media, email, and online advertising. Digital marketing also provides valuable data and analytics, enabling marketers to better understand their audience and tailor their messaging specifically to them.

3. Leverage social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great tools for healthcare marketers to connect with patients, share valuable information, and promote their services. They can be used to build brand awareness, engage with patients, and promote new products or services. That being said, marketers should ensure they have someone who can actively manage it – responding to comments, monitoring engagement, and making refinements along the way.

4. Create valuable content

Creating informative, educational, and engaging content is essential for modern healthcare marketing. Marketers should produce content that resonates with their target audience and addresses their pain points. This can be in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics, whitepapers, etc. Not only will these offers add fuel to marketing efforts, but will also show patients the organization wants to help, not just take, which in-turn boosts credibility.

5. Emphasize patient-centered care

Patients are the most important aspect of healthcare. That means healthcare marketers should focus on patient-centered care by providing information that is easy to understand, personalizing messaging, and creating an overall positive experience. This can be achieved through patient testimonials, reviews, and ratings, which can be used to further build trust. Ensuring the patient remains the center of all efforts will yield the best results.


Modernizing healthcare marketing is essential in today’s fast-paced healthcare industry. By investing in telehealth, embracing digital marketing, leveraging social media, creating valuable content, and emphasizing patient-centered care, healthcare marketers can stay ahead of the game and provide better patient experiences. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, marketers must remain agile and open to new ideas and technologies to ensure their success.

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